White barn wood box


14-square-foot box of white and grey barn wood wall covering

Calculate the number of boxes I need: here 

White barn wood box


14-square-foot box of white and grey barn wood wall covering

Calculate the number of boxes I need: here 

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Solu’s white barn wood boxes impress more than one. This authentic barn wood planks blend beautifully with today’s modern décor. Some like to mix them with grey barn wood to create a softer, but still warm décor. If you want a barn wood wall that will turn your head, this hue is for you.

Our collection of barn wood comes in boxes of 14in x 1in 3/4 x 49in and its weight is 5 kilos or 11 lbs

Inside the box, the size of the boards is:

Thickness: 3/8 inches
Width: 2 inches to 5 inches random
Length: 12 inches to 48 inches random

Each box covers 14 square feet.



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Find the warmth of barn wood in your living room


Barn wood will allow you to embellish your living room, which will make the moments spent in this room more pleasant.

Easy installation of a barn wood wall

Many people ask us if it’s hard to build a barn wood wall, here is a 20 minutes video to guide you from A to Z.


Easy to install

Anyone can take on a barn wood project, take it out of the box and nail it with finishing nails.


Several colors available

Choose between brown, grey, mixed, red or white wood.


Cleaned and treated

When the wood is recovered from a barn it is very dirty and dusty, we put it in the machine to clean it and in the dryer to treat it.


Free delivery

No matter where you are, we’ll get your order to you, free of charge.


Warm product

The soul of barn wood is very warm. To have barn wood at home is to have a part of Quebec’s heritage.


Different lengths & widths

The boards are random in size. The length ranges from 12 to 48 inches and the width ranges from 2 to 5 inches.

What our customers are thinking about it

‘‘ I love my barn wood wall, it brings a certain warmth to my living room. The advisors at Solū helped me calculate my area and the transaction was super smooth, thank you‘‘

Mur de bois de grange

living room wall

Jean Dion

”I bought the brown barn wood boxes to make my room, I liked the fact that it was very easy to install, even for a person like me who had never really done a renovation: ) ”

Mur de chambre en bois de grange brun

Bedroom wall with brown barnwood

Maggie Duhème

‘‘I wanted to make myself a beautiful wall of gray barn wood behind my fireplace. My visit loves it, when someone new walks in I definitely get a compliment on my wall‘‘

Mur de salon en bois de grange gris

living room with grey barnwood

Julie Charest

Frequently asked questions

Is the wood easy to install?

Barn wood is very easy to install. We have thinned the boards to 3/8” thick, this way the boards can be installed directly on the wall using 1” to 1” 1/2 finish nails instead of need reinforcement for the wall.

What are the dimensions of the boards?

The box contains 14 square feet of wood. The boards randomly measure between 12 inches and 48 inches in length and between 2” and 5” in width. To calculate the number of boxes you need for your project, you must calculate the width of the wall to be covered as well as the height of this wall, multiply these 2 numbers (add 10% for waste) and then divide this number by 14 Example: 18 feet wide and 6 feet high = 108 feet + 10% = 118 feet / 14 = 8.48 boxes therefore 9 boxes.

Is the barnwood authentic or some copy?

Yes our barn wood is real barn wood. We travel throughout Quebec and Ontario to acquire top quality boards, then we bring them to our factory to cut, slice, edge, treat and box them for sale.

Do you have multiple colors?

We actually have several colors of wood. Brown mixed, gray, mixed (brown and gray), white and red.

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Currently starting at only $105 per box for brown wood boxes

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