Home delivery :

Your products are delivered curb side free in North America.  Whoever, we cannot offer free shipping to the 3 Canadian territories (north-west territory, Yukon and Nunavut)  Also to Hawaii, Alaska, Porto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam.  A member of our team will contact you to schedule a delivery date once your order is ready.  Your order will be shipped via a courier or a LTL (less than truckload) transport.

Home delivery instructions :

Every order must be shipped within 30 days after your order is made. Each delivery must be done to a single address and an adult must be present when delivered.

The shipping company will give an approximative time of delivery between 8am to 9pm. You will receive a confirmation call from the transport company 24 hours before delivery for big orders. For long distance shipping, the transport company will give you a time window of delivery once they pick up the package or crate. Also, we will supply you with a tracking number so you can follow your order. Solu Custom Hardwood cannot be held responsible if the transport company doesn’t respect the delivery time they gave you.

Shipping instructions :

Some of our products are delivered unassembled. The transport company’s staff is not responsible inspecting, opening and assembling your order. They will not take or throw away your old pieces of furniture or other wastes. Our free shipping service is for curb side only. If you require additional service like a white glove service, our team of expert will quote you accordingly. If we take your order inside the home, and if there are no elevators, our shipping companies will only carry your order for 2 stories. You must verify if there is room for the truck to park close to your entrance. Any objects in the way must be removed before hand.

The client is responsible to measure the doors to carry your order inside. During the in-home delivery, our team will not make any changes to door frames, light fixtures or anything else. If your order doesn’t fit in your hallway or through the doors, the shipping company will charge you extra for the time and extra if they must bring it back to their warehouse.

The in-home delivery service staff will not take their booths off so please put protection over your floors.

Pick up at our factory : 

You will receive an email once your order is ready. Your order can take up to 6 weeks fabrication time. Please make sure your vehicle is appropriate for picking up your order in its original packaging. The warranty on our products comes in effect once the product is being delivered or picked up in its original packaging. Solu Custom Hardwood is not responsible to help you load your order in your vehicle. Solu Custom Hardwood is not responsible if your order doesn’t fit in your vehicle. Once your order is ready, you have 14 days to pick it up or your order will be cancelled and reimburse. Some exceptions may apply, please visit our products page for more details.

Order verification :

Once you receive your order, it is your responsibility to make sure it is complete.  A shipping bill will be glued to one of your box. It is important to open it and verify if you received the right quantity.  Also please note any accidents that may occur when delivered and contact us as soon as possible so we can act on it.  The transport company will not be held responsible if the damage was not noted on the shipping bill.  If you notice a defect on your order, please keep the original packaging and contact us as soon as possible.

Modify/cancel/postponed your delivery :

Your shipping address cannot be modify three (3) days before the shipping date or once it is on the road. Additional fees may be added for any extra modification to the order. If you are not available the day of delivery, additional fees may occur for re routing your order or cancelling delivery 3 days before it is being shipped or once it is on the road.