When it comes to barn wood, many people believe that “trend” is running out of steam. The truth is that the sale of boxed barn wood planks used to create beautiful projects like walls, furniture and ceilings is increasing.

What needs to be understood is that more and more people are moving from the countryside to the big cities. On the other hand, humans will always miss the forest and the warmth it provides. Having a beautiful authentic barn wood wall brings people closer to that feeling. Owning a wall barn wood project is like having Quebec history in your home.

In today’s world people have less and less time, with that in mind we have created a product that is easy to install, but still a real barn wood product, boxed barn wood.

The most beautiful barn wood in Quebec


Plancher Solū has the finest product in Quebec when it comes to boxed barn wood. Our boxed barn wood comes in several colors: brown barn wood, gray barn wood, and mixed barn wood. We also offer white barn wood and red barn wood which is not in the store, but which can be produced on demand.

Solū Flooring barn wood has been cleaned, cut, edged, sliced ​​thinner for ease of installation and boxed easily transportable and for easy delivery, this way we are able to deliver them anywhere in North America for free.

The 5 strengths of Plancher Solū barn wood are numerous:


Authentic product:
Plancher Solū works with a partner who dismantles barns all over Quebec and Ontario, the knowledge of this partner in the field of barn wood allows us to have access to wood of a hundred years of age, top quality and in many different colors.

Easy to install: When we started selling barn wood it was raw. Rough wood is as beautiful as worked planks, but is much more difficult to install and has some disadvantages such as splinters. The technique we have developed makes it possible to have boards 3/8 of an inch thick, which allows everyone, using a hammer and finishing nails, to build a magnificent barn wood project. Creating a barn wall has never been easier.

Several colors available: We have been in the barn wood business for several years, we have listened to our customers and we have adapted to their needs and their project. When customers say they’d like a cozy reading nook, we share our brown barn wood with them. When a client tells us they want a touch of modern in their condo, then we lean towards a beautiful gray barn wood wall. Finally, if a client tells us that he had something unique, then maybe we will tend to send him to a red barn wood. No matter what your decor is, our different barn wood colors will match it perfectly.

Unlimited Quantity: No matter how much you need, whether you are an individual or a business, we are able to supply you with the quantity you need.

Free Shipping: We tested several sizes of boards and boxes to finally find the perfect fit for our customers to receive free delivery of our barn wood boxes. Since we obtain the wood directly from the source, that is to say in the fields of Quebec and Ontario, we can offer our barn wood at competitive prices while offering delivery, this is what demonstrates our experience and our know-how.

For any questions regarding our barn wood products, contact us or start the online discussion. The representatives at Plancher Solū have their heads full of ideas and will be happy to assist you.