The popularity of hardwood flooring

For the past 20 years or so, we have seen the popularity of hardwood flooring on the rise in North America in both hardwood and engineered wood. The carpet sellers started to feel the bargain so they started selling lumber.

The carpet sellers started to feel the bargain so they started selling lumber. Then the different hardwood floor manufacturers offer different colors that become the new products of the day / month / year.

Then the popularity of interior designers grew exponentially and now almost everyone gets help from an interior designer. The profession of interior designer has become very “ glamorous ” and these, helping us to arrange the decor of our homes, think outside the box more with each project and this is what advances design in our life.

The floor, no longer just for walking

Now, the floor is no longer just for walking but also to put on the walls like a canvas of a Picasso or Riopèle. Let’s talk about the wood flooring on the walls, which is more and more popular. Over our years of manufacturing custom hardwood flooring, we have contributed to several residential and commercial projects and have seen several designers put flooring on the walls. Often a continuity of the floor covering or only an accent wall in a room of the house. The practice is increasingly done in North America and the end results vary according to the species, colors, lengths and widths of the wood chosen.

We worked with a designer in our area a few months ago to provide her with 7 ” oiled engineered black walnut in a kitchen as a backsplash. The result is superb thanks to the different lengths of plank and the look is very matt due to the fact that it is oiled walnut.

Wood and the continuity of the floor on the wall

We also partnered with a designer from Montreal for another project where she used natural hickory flooring of good width with an authentic grade. Showing a few knots and the heart of hickory we can see a nice variety of colors in the wood and the continuity of the floor on the wall presents a breathtaking result.

So we say yes to this new wave of design and we fully support designers and architects in their creative process. We believe that the hardwood flooring should also end up on the walls and ceiling in some cases. That said, you have to be careful not to get too excited about using it because too much of a beautiful thing becomes bad for your mental health. Just because you have 4 walls, a floor, and a ceiling, doesn’t mean they should all be covered with wood flooring!