At Solu Flooring, 4 North American wood species stand out particularly for hardwood flooring projects and for wall hardwood projects. Maple, white oak, black walnut and hickory are the main trends and generally meet customer needs.


Maple is very uniform in appearance and has a closed grain. We see a rather soft veining and a marked variation in color. This is our quintessential Quebec essence, the background of its color is rather rosy if we compare with the other species. Exceptionally, some boards can take on a quilted or striped appearance, giving it even more charm and movement. We always offer a hard (sugar) maple, watch out for the silver maple which can be offered to you in a more or less clear way, it is much softer.

Fun fact: Maple charcoal is needed in the Tennessee Whiskey making process

White oak is one of the best-selling species in North America due to its versatility and its rather stable and uniform coloring. Its cathedral-like veining allows us to brush more or less pronounced and has the advantage of well camouflaging the signs of aging. Its rather golden and brown hue makes it different from red oak which will be more rosy. White oak gives us a lot of latitude in bleached colors. It is also possible to make 2-tone finishes. The process is roughly the following: we brush the wood and apply a first shade. Sanding is done leaving the color in the veining only. A second color is then applied allowing a very surprising contrast. Also white oak works well in special rift and quarter cuts.

Fun fact: The barrels in which red wine, white wine, scotch and the like are aged are oak barrels. In addition, white oak chips are also used to smoke some foods.

Black walnut has a unique very silky appearance. Naturally dark brown, this essence is rather tender. It is less suitable for a very active home where the impacts are numerous (children’s toys, animals). The natural coloring of the wood can be very different from one lot to another, sometimes orange, sometimes black its appearance can hardly be imitated with another species. We find the dark brown coming from the heart of the wooden block and the pale beige part called sapwood.

Fun fact: the use of black walnut is very popular in the manufacture of furniture, counters and cabinets of prestige.

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Hickory is the hardest North American gasoline available, making it a popular choice for animal lovers. A hickory hardwood floor with an oiled finish is the best choice to withstand a healthy dog ​​for many years. A pronounced color variation definitely characterizes the floor surface although a dark stain can lighten it. Unlike other species, walnut tends to fade on exposure to light rather than darken.

Fun fact: This wood species is often used for making percussion sticks and tool handles due to its hardness and impact resistance.

Other North American hardwood species are available such as ash, cherry and red oak. We work with all the wood species mentioned above, both in solid and in engineering. It will be our pleasure to advise you on the most suitable wood species for your lifestyle.